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*Students are required to purchase books prior to the start of the school year*

Extended-Day Kindergarten is defined as a class taught by the staff that exceeds the four-hour maximum number of school day minutes.  In 2009, about two thirds of United States kindergarten children attended full-day classes.  In California, the percentage of students in full-day classes increased by 43%.  For further information visit The Public Policy Institute of California Web site on Full-Day Kindergarten in California.  Reasons to extend the Kindergarten Day include the following:

  • To improve the educational program

  • To provide more time for the teacher to get to know each child

  • To encourage children’s maximum social, emotional, physical and academic growth

  • To address transportation issues related to parents and schools

  • To address parental/guardian needs for child care 

First through Fourth Grade students at Valley Crescent School are taught the California State Standards and the teachers use Houghton Mifflin curriculum materials. 

Fifth through Eighth Grade students are taught the California State Standards and Common Core as adopted.  Middle School students have different teachers for each subject, and have a home room teacher as well. 


Students in first through eighth grades are administered standardized testing annually using CTBS-Terra Nova, based on common-core.  First grade is not yet available in common core so the Multiple Assessment Terra Nova which includes science and social studies is used.

Islamic Studies: All students K – 8 receive instruction in Islamic studies to build character and foster the Islamic way of life.  Curriculum for Islamic Studies is “I Love Islam” and “Learning Islam,” published by Islamic Services Foundation, Chicago, Illinois. 

Arabic: All students K – 8 receive instruction in Arabic.  The main goal is to develop conversational fluency, with grammar, writing, and reading the Quran.  Students are placed in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.  The curriculum for Arabic is “Iqra’, published by International Education Foundation.

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